Valet Parking for Your Event

by / Wednesday, 06 May 2015 / Published in Blog

Planning your wedding and wish to make the reception truly classy? There is one way that can elevate the service to a new level without resorting to any flashy and expensive tricks – Valet Parking.

The napkins, tablecloths and other decorations are chosen, the dinner courses, seating patterns and other complicated matters are settled on. The invitations are prepared and the dress is ready. The wedding cake took a while to choose (so many of them look really great!) and the dessert table, music and bar are all set up. But something is missing. Without going into ice sculptures, fireworks and other undeniably great but expensive additions, you can make your wedding the talk of the town by adding this small but significant finishing touch.
Just imagine. The guests pull up and are greeted by a well dressed young man with a polite smile and a bounce in his walk. He opens the door for the lady, ushering her out of the vehicle, and then offers his services in parking the car. This royal treatment is all the rage in wedding trends these days and for a set of very good reasons.

GeotagMyPicIt Feels Great. The guests feel pampered and taken care of. They don’t have to worry about parking spaces, walking across a dark parking lot in their fine shoes, or anything else of the sort. They will talk about it all evening, and for a very long time after too. Having a wedding invitation card that says “valet parking for guests” on it will turn a four star wedding into a five star event.

It Looks Great. The cars pull up one by one at the very entrance to the wedding hall, and the guests get a seamless experience of getting out of the vehicle directly into the brightly lit foyer or garden. No walking from somewhere else down the street or maneuvering between other parked cars to get to the doors. They are right there, and it is a perfectly elegant, seamless experience.

It Is Inexpensive.
Hiring a valet service is like adding a few wait staff to the evening. No expensive decorations, no fireworks or extravagant displays are necessary to provide guests with this pampering service.
There’s also a curious fact that adds another bonus point. Experience shows that when guests’ cars are parked by valet drivers, and they have to, subsequently, retrieve the car from the valet – they will be careful with liquor. GeotagMyPicGuests in such circumstances will either keep their drinking to the very minimum allowed by law or appoint a designated driver to take them home safely.

And of course, valet parking is not only great for weddings, and can be gainfully used on any event, such as anniversaries, graduation parties, corporate events and more. Whenever you want to line the experience with real high class shick, all you need to do is hire a valet parking service for your event.

Fortunately, we can recommend one such company – call Adagio Valet or visit their website, and you will find out that they can also be your go-to company for waiting staff, doormen and bartenders among the other great services that they provide. Good luck, and enjoy!