Wedding Dance Lessons

by / Wednesday, 06 May 2015 / Published in Blog
bride and groom dance

When you are planning a wedding, there is always a list of things that come first and have to be taken care of before you can even begin to feel the event is well on the way. Choices like the wedding hall location, food, decorations, guest seating patterns and many other things will keep a couple busy for weeks and months before any extra preparations and finishing touches can be made or added. And that’s too bad, because there are a few things that may not be obvious, but also need to be taken care of well in advance.

Wedding Dance Lessons are one of those things. When а newlywed couple hits the dance floor, you want it to be a smash, but not quite in the literal sense of the word. You want your movements to be perfectly coordinated, and that takes fine tuning. And fine tuning takes time.

That’s why we hope that you are reading this at least a month or so before the wedding and have enough time on your hands to practice your moves.

There are many benefits to having wedding dance lessons before the ceremony, and not last of them is that you are under so much stress. No, this is not a joke or a mistake – the fact that you are stressed and there are a million things to accomplish is actually a good reason to take a few hours once a week (at least), and spend time together not running through the stores and browsing catalogues, but embracing each other to the sound of your favourite dancing music.

It will give you time to relax, find your focus and create a bubble of harmony just for the two of you. It will help shield you from the chaos of the wedding preparations and will contribute to you actually enjoying your own wedding day (something not all couples endeavor to achieve). Taking this time and dedicating it to wedding dance lessons will likely be the best decision you make.

It will also show in the photos, of course. Couples on the dance floor always look great in the photos, with the affection so obviously showing, but those who took dance lessons will look nothing short of spectacular. All wedding photoshoots show dancing newlyweds, but those that belong to couples who took lessons before will usually end up wall mounted in silver frames.

Choosing the style of wedding dance is a different story, but a very important one. Among the most popular wedding dance styles are the passionate Tango, formal yet visually mesmerizing Waltz, flirty Rumba and playful Foxtrot.

There are many more to choose from and there is not a couple that will be left without a great choice to fit their temperament and exact type of romance that they share. There is joy in dancing, a type of bonding and emotional release that is almost unachievable by other means. If you decided to look for a place to take some dancing lessons for your event, we recommend Dance DNA (, a school that combines great professionalism with a caring, loving attitude. Enjoy!