Styling a Private Event: Everything You Need to Know

There is never a shortage of occasions to celebrate. Whether it’s a family reunion, a graduation or a birthday party, why not celebrate with a bang by styling a private event your guests will love? With a plethora of options for event decor and styling themes, you can host an event you and your guests will remember for a…

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Floral event backdrop

7 Reasons to Hire an Event Production Company

Many people assume that hiring an event production company is only necessary when you are planning major events like a wedding, concert or major celebration. But that is not the case. Event planning is bringing together every aspect of an event—big or small—and wrapping it all up in a nice bow. A successful event creates fond memories that are…

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Corporate Décor – How to Organize your Corporate Event

While we all enjoy corporate events and parties, especially around the Christmas season, someone also must plan these things. If you’ve ever been tasked with planning an office party, creating a corporate event, or organizing a successful party, you’ll understand the amount of preparation which has to take place behind the scenes….

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A Guide to Planning the Perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah event is one of the most important and memorable moments in their life, and is likely to be one of the most stressful ones for you, as a parent. We understand the pressure to plan, invite and decorate to celebrate this moment properly. Over the years, the traditional…

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wedding decor florist

How to Select a Suitable Wedding Florist

It can be stressful to try and get all your wedding flowers together, making sure they are well taken care of and last as long as possible during and after an event. Having a wedding florist will help avoid the stress of dealing with wedding flowers. Not only do florists have access to a wide variety of blooms…

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Bridal bouquet Flowers Time Toronto

Bridal Bouquets Perfect for Summer Weddings

It takes a lot to ensure that the flowers you choose for your summer wedding stay fresh and beautiful all-day long. You have to consider factors such as the heat and humidity and how they will affect the type of flowers you choose. Let’s help you narrow down your choice of bridal bouquets that are perfect…

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French Style Wedding Toronto

How to Pull off a French Rustic Wedding Theme

The wedding season is upon us and this spring, lots of couples are opting for the French rustic theme. This theme is perfect for anyone who loves ragged, chic and countryside inspired décor, food and outfits. Get ready to play around with some bistro style menus, linen tablescapes and beautiful centerpieces that bring out the French…

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Wedluxe Winter Palace Flowers Time

Winter Palace WedLuxe Show 2017

This Winter Flowers Time had the pleasure of participating in the Wedluxe Show 2017. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet new vendors and brides to get and share some wedding inspiration.

The first time in our company’s life we participated in such kind of show. We have co-operated with several companies. With the support of our Russian friends we…

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Wedding Trends 2017

Do you plan event this year and still thinking about design and decoration? We’ve prepared some fashion trends of this year. High Fashion always dictate the rules not only in clothing but the trends in all areas and event decor is not exception. As one of the biggest trends for year 2016, greenery wedding ideas will be continuously popular in…

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Choosing the Style of Your Wedding Bouquet

When I first speak to inquiring brides, I like to get an understanding of what style they envision for their wedding. Will it be chic and trendy? Classic and elegant? Or maybe rustic and free flowing is more their style.

It’s important to have an idea of what look you hope to achieve when meeting with your florist and event…

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Wedding Flower Checklist: Things to Do

There is a lot to be done when it comes to wedding planning, and flowers are a big part of the wedding celebration. Here is a general checklist of things you want to do when arranging all the various floral elements for your big day.


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