It takes a lot to ensure that the flowers you choose for your summer wedding stay fresh and beautiful all-day long. You have to consider factors such as the heat and humidity and how they will affect the type of flowers you choose. Let’s help you narrow down your choice of bridal bouquets that are perfect for summer weddings.


Most weddings that take place during the hot summer months incorporate dahlias in their décor due to their rich colors and textures. Dahlias are so vibrant and they instantly scream summer when used in weddings. You can opt for the popular shades of yellow and orange if you are incorporating these colors in your wedding. They look stunning when mixed with roses and peonies. Create a dramatic look by incorporating the light shades of dahlias and darker shades of other blooms.

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If you’ll be having your wedding during late summer, tulips are an excellent choice. For formal weddings, white tulips are very ideal. You may want to tone down the green color by adding a different bloom such as some red Berzelian berries. Expect a classy feel when you incorporate tulips in your bridal bouquet.

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For a sweet and charming wedding theme, roses are the go-to flowers for your bridal bouquet. Roses will always be available regardless of the season. But try and avoid the deep colors like red and purples since they won’t look good when exposed to the summer heat. Choose the lighter shades of roses like pink and cream or whites. They look much better in wedding photos too.

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Orchids are an excellent choice especially if combined with peonies or calla lilies. Their tropical nature makes them a great combination for those hot summer days.

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Peonies are also a great choice for summer weddings. Not only do they smell nice but they have an elegant and rustic appeal that will perfectly suit your wedding theme. Ponies are delicate, sweet-smelling and can be used to pull off a classy and laid-back theme.

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Native florals

You’ll find so many options of native florals to choose from during the summer. Options such as Verticordia and waratahs can fit perfectly in a bridal bouquet. You can add some color and texture by throwing in some native cherries or leaves of eucalyptus to come up with a complete bouquet.

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Good thing with hydrangeas is that they come in so many colors and textures. Hydrangeas are a great choice for all types of wedding flowers whether used for the bridal bouquet or as part of the décor. Popular colors are green, pink and purple. You can use hydrangeas with other types of flowers like coral roses to bring out the perfect summer wedding theme.

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Try artificial bridal bouquets

If you really want blooms that may not be available during the summer such as cymbidium flowers, you can always opt for the artificial bouquets. Good thing with plastic flowers is they’ll never wilt and look weathered due to the summer heat. You can be guaranteed that they will maintain the fresh look all day long.

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