While we all enjoy corporate events and parties, especially around the Christmas season, someone also must plan these things. If you’ve ever been tasked with planning an office party, creating a corporate event, or organizing a successful party, you’ll understand the amount of preparation which has to take place behind the scenes. And damn, do we not envy the party planning committee their task.

Hosting a successful corporate event requires meticulous planning, attention to detail and substantial


preparation for weeks and even months before the event date. It’s important to take into account the various aspects which will make your corporate event a success. To help you out on your journey, we’ve written you some tips to follow during the planning process. From our designers to you, here is how all the best corporate events are planned:

1. We start with a definition of your objectives.

It’s important to know exactly what kind of an event you’re planning before you start looking at venues and making arrangements. By knowing the party size, scope and event purpose, you’re starting off with a clear head and ideas which are tailored to the various aspects of your party. For example, if your event is a fundraiser, you’ll want to cater, decorate and rent a space large enough for people to assemble, and speeches to be made. However, if you’re planning a Christmas office party, ensure that you’re getting enough food and have plenty of space for Christmas décor.Corporate event decor

2. We take our guests and audience into account.

Understand your target audience and guests. With a better grasp of your guests, you can cater directly to their likes and interests. Research their demographics, and develop a list of the people attending, to determine the number of refreshments and space necessary.

3. Pre-set the time and date of your event.

To increase the event turn out, make sure you set a date a few weeks in advance. This will ensure that people have the necessary time to plan ahead and arrange their previous commitments in order to make it.

4. Budget your corporate event.

Your budget should be realistic, and take into account the number of attendees and necessary items to purchase. As planning an event can be pricey, ensure that your company can allocate the necessary budget for the event, and set this during an initial planning and brainstorming phase to avoid any future issues. Having a realistic budget for the event will allow you to keep track of expenses, and have a good idea of what realistic investments will make your event a success.perfect location for your event

5. Choose an appropriate venue.

The perfect location will be easily accessible for all guests, provide adequate seating and floor space. If you’re forced to rent a venue, attempt to rent a space within close proximity to your company locale.

6. Plan your theme.

If you’re planning a themed event, take the time to sit down and think about the décor you will need to rent or purchase. For corporate presentations, you’ll want to invest in some signage or presentation materials. For company Christmas parties, garlands, trees and ornaments are your best bet. If you’re unsure how to figure out the best decorations for your event, consult with an event planner such as Flowers Time. Companies like ours take the time to determine the best possible corporate décor services for your needs, custom made and created to suit your company’s needs.

7. Create an inclusive menu.

If you’re planning an event where food will be served, remember that it is one of the most crucial aspects of your planning process. Guests always expect a refreshment, even at events not happening at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Remember that refreshments will increase audience engagement and


turnout. Always consider adding some vegetarian, vegan, halal, kosher and gluten-free options for people with dietary restrictions, or create a menu which allows all to partake.

Similarly, consider your drinks menu carefully. Will you be serving alcohol? Depending on the event size and location, you may be required to obtain a temporary liquor licence. Be aware of the extra responsibility that comes with serving alcohol, such as restricting bar access, checking ID and providing safe transportation.

Contact Flowers Time with any of your corporate event and décor planning needs. We provide custom tailored solutions and party planning for all events, private, corporate, weddings, bar mitzvahs, private parties, baby showers and more. Get in touch with us today 647-825-3543 to learn about our party planning and event solutions, and start planning your corporate event today!décor planning