All successful events, grand or small, private or corporate, weddings or birthdays, are backed by planning, vision and foresight that makes the guests remember those events for a long time. A crucial aspect of any event is its styling and its successful execution.



Nothing speaks personalized more than event styling that truly reflects your taste and style. Your wedding is a day you will remember forever and it is extremely important that all your dreams about your wedding day are fulfilled. Event styling is more than just choosing a theme; it is about creating a customized ambience that has you written all over it. Flowers Time with its team of designers and stylists can make your vision come to life. Offering bespoke event styling helps our clients make their weddings and private events memorable. It is a stamp of your uniqueness and personality and no one understands it better than we do. Our consultations include discussing everything from colours to décor to textures to patterns to make sure your event speaks you and can never be replicated as the idea belongs to you alone.

wedding event styling and production


wedding invitation design


People only remember two types of events, ones they enjoyed the most and ones they had the worst time at. You obviously want your event to fall in the former category, which is why it is vital to ensure that one event production company manages the event from start to finish. This not only avoids confusion but also ensures better coordination. We at Flowers Time strive to understand your requirements and offer creative solutions to suit your budget and needs perfectly. Flowers Time is a trusted events production company as we offer a wide range of services including invitation design, cake, flowers, entertainment, dances, hosts, decorations, lights, basically everything you need for your event to outshine all the others.



Flowers Time takes your event journey from “How do we do it?” to “Wow! We did it”. Armed with years of experience and proficiency in event styling, planning and production, Flowers Time is your go-to events specialist. Whether it’s a memory you want to recreate, a special intimate event or a day to celebrate your love, Flowers Time ensures creating something magical each time. Contact us today by simply filling this form or call us at +1 647-825-3543 to book your consultation.