As the days become colder and fall settles in, we start to look toward next year and what trends are upon us. Flowers, the wedding dress, colours, wedding favours…it’s a lot to think about and decide on. With so many elements that require your attention, we decided to put together a list of wedding trends for 2016 that may help you in making some of your decisions. Read on my dears.

And the Colours of the Year are…

We always look forward to hearing about the colours of the year. It gives us an opportunity to reflect and revive our creativity for those couples or individuals looking to incorporate the trendiest colours into their event decor. But enough about us; let’s talk about wedding trends. The colours of the year for spring 2016 are brought to us by the Pantone Color Institute, and are as follows:

  • issacimg-gal_img4Rose Quartz – a beautiful blush pink
  • Peach Echo – a gentle peach colour that could also pass for a warm coral
  • Serenity – a light and soothing blue
  • Snorkel Blue – a darker shade of blue
  • Buttercup – a bright and gorgeous yellow
  • Limpet Shell – a lovely turquoise
  • Lilac Gray – a stunning grey shade with just a hint of lilac
  • Fiesta – a bright, flaming red
  • Iced Coffee – a warm tone the colour of coffee with milk
  • Green Flash – a beautiful green perfect for spring

With 10 colours to choose from, those seeking inspiration have a variety of lively, pastel and neutral tones to select from.

When it comes to incorporating the trendiest colours into your event, the possibilities are endless. You can use them as the primary colour for your flowers, invitations, up lighting, linens, and many other details. For those brides and grooms who have already chosen their colours, don’t be disappointed. You can still incorporate these spring colours as accents, in your flower arrangements, linens, and even accessories such as your jewellery, wedding shoes, or your tuxedo vests. But don’t wait until the last minute; rather talk to your vendors now to make any changes that you’d like. Waiting until one or two months before the big day to make a colour change may result in extra expenses if your vendors have already placed their orders. For those of you who would like to incorporate one or even two of these colours, but are not sure how or where, speak to your vendors. They are often happy to help you bring small details of your vision to life.

If it’s not a wedding that you’re planning, colours that have been chosen can typically be changed without affecting other details of the event. So feel free to change your colours if you’d like. After all, it is your party.

Wedding Dresses

We love seeing our brides in their wedding dresses, with makeup and hair styled, looking incredibly beautiful. When we sit down to discuss flowers and decor, we often ask to see a picture of the dress or have our brides describe it to us. This helps us better understand their style, which helps create a complementary decor for their big day.

When it comes to dresses, spring 2016 has many options for the risk-taking fashion forward bride, the more classic but still stylish bride, as well as something in between. We love that there are so many options, giving brides the ability to express themselves as much as they want. Some of the popular trends include dresses with a plunging neckline in the shape of a “V”, floral prints either in 3D or printed right onto the fabric, and dresses with feather embellishments. The popular website The Knot has a great piece presenting the latest spring wedding dress trends.

As seen in Tulle and Chantilly’s blog, spring’s trends continue into summer with many of the same but a few extra ideas, such as knee length or higher wedding dresses to help brides cool off a little. Many of the styles from spring work well for the summer months, such as the plunging neckline and 3D florals, mimicking the hot weather and the summer season with flowers in full bloom.


If you love an element of the wedding dress trends seen in the links above, but are not sure you want to incorporate it into your dress, there is always the option to add it to your decor. As we saw in the links above, feathers, lace, fabrics combined as well as floral prints, are all popular for spring 2016. If you want to incorporate feathers into your look, then your bouquet, centerpieces and even your groom’s boutonniere are great places to do so. If you like floral prints, consider investing in napkins with florals printed on them or even adding a beautiful floral printed aisle runner as seen in Elegant Wedding.

As you can see, there are beautiful wedding trends for 2016 for every type of wedding, regardless or your style of budget. All it takes is a little creativity, a bit of research, and a determination to find the perfect balance for your big day.

Happy wedding planning!

Note* I’d love to hear from you! If you have any ideas, pictures or know of any other trends for 2016,
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