It can be stressful to try and get all your wedding flowers together, making sure they are well taken care of and last as long as possible during and after an event. Having a wedding florist will help avoid the stress of dealing with wedding flowers. Not only do florists have access to a wide variety of blooms that you can’t get at the local retail stores, but also come with the coolers and equipment that are necessary to take care of your wedding flowers. A professional wedding florist knows what blooms can handle the varying weather conditions and can perform quick fixes when needed. Take your time when choosing a wedding florist by considering the tips below.

Are they interested in getting all the details?

The best wedding florist will take time to ask you questions in order to understand your wedding as much as possible. The florist will want to know the theme of the wedding, the colors, material and style of your dress, details on your bridesmaid’s dresses, the table layout, size and shape of your reception venue, your budget among other things. If the florist doesn’t show any interest in gathering any information about your wedding, you better look the other way.

Can work within your budget

Creative wedding florists are able to turn around the most difficult situations by using their imagination. The florist should be willing to come up with cost effective alternatives if your budget is tight. If your favorite flowers are all out of season, he/she should have ideas on how to pull off something similar with different blooms.

Matches your personality

Some wedding florists are more inclined to taking charge of the entire flower design and leave the couple to worry about other aspects of the wedding. Others can easily work around the couple/bride’s ideas and come up with a flower design that matches their vision. Choose a florist that is easier to work with depending on what you need. If the florist is too controlling and doesn’t consider your wishes, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Well versed with latest trends and techniques

You want to be sure your florist is up to date with the latest techniques and trends in wedding flower designs. The florist should be able to match the flower arrangements with what’s in season so that your wedding doesn’t look outdated.

Amazing Organic Style For Yordanka And Mitko - Flowers Time 08Sign a contract

When you finally settle for a florist, have them provide you with a written contract that details all that you have agreed on. Make sure that the total cost breakdown is clearly highlighted in the contract and includes all the fees and payment schedules as agreed. Other details that you need to be keen on when it comes to signing a contract with a florist, or any other vendor, is the set-up time. You can also include a list of flowers that should not be used by the florist even when the ones you had agreed on are unavailable. This ensures you are on the same page and you don’t get any unpleasant surprises on your big day.