Interior design is a vital aspect in creating the first impression of any space either commercial or residential that a person steps into.  Interior design serves the dual purpose of combining functionality with aesthetics to create a harmonious atmosphere.  Flowers Time offers a range of interior design services that include:


Any business that aims to succeed understands the importance of building a likeable ambience for its clients as well as for its employees.  Commercial interior designing entails maximum utilization of space without compromising on the visual experience.

  • Restaurant – You eat with your eyes first holds true not only for food but also for the environment in which you eat. Interior design for a restaurant involves showcasing the cuisine, the menu, the style, the location and sometimes even the history or legacy associated with the place.  Flowers Time with its team of creative artists and designers can help any restaurant looking to create a visually stunning and appetizing atmosphere for its patrons.
  • Bar – Bars nowadays have a varied range of audience from the young to the refined and its interior design plays a big role in attracting the right clientele and providing them with the right atmosphere to unwind.  Interior design for a bar can range from urban to classy to trendy to sophisticated and Flowers Time can create the perfect setting for each category. 
  • SPA Salons–Serenity and comfort are two crucial factors when it comes to making a spa choice. Flowers Time with its interior design capabilities can help business owners transform a spa into a Zen space for its clients.


residential interior decor
A home is a reflection of its owner and interior design helps make that distinguishing mark that turns a house into a home. 

  • Condo – Condo living though convenient sometimes comes with its own challenges related to space and storage. The right interior design can help create an illusion of bigger space and offer multiple storage avenues to create a comfortable space for the owner. 
  • House– Appropriate interior designing for a house can make each corner lively by incorporating personal elements of each member of the family. Additionally, residential interior design can help the owner customize different areas including patio, balcony, closets, backyard as well as play area for the children. Flowers Time with its expertise ensures that the owner is able to achieve their dream home within their budget. 



Flowers Time for all your interior designing needs, be it residential or commercial and watch us bring your vision to reality. We work with an experienced team of designers, architects, artists and contractors to offer you the best options at the right price. Contact us today by simply filling this form or call us at +1 647-825-3543

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