We’ve seen our share of weddings in the past, and we know that some of the most common wedding themes are simply no longer popular. In the last year, we’ve seen more than enough pastels, pinks and floating, ethereal décor. According to top designers, we can expect to see a movement away from this light design in the upcoming season. Some of the new trends may, in fact, be a complete surprise to any person who’d read their fair share of wedding design magazines! We won’t keep you in suspense any longer: here are 2018’s top wedding décor trends:

1. Relaxed, Bohemian Style

We all know tales of Bridezillas who want everything in their wedding to be perfect, perfect… PERFECT!!! For the past few seasons the rustic look has been all the rage, and with this trend, so has the loosening of expectations. The perfect wedding is next to impossible, as reality television has demonstrated so often, and more and more are relaxed, casual events the standard. 2018 wedding trends will see more and more of this Boho, Shabby-Chic style, with more emphasis on casual, laid-back wedding planning. We’ll be seeing more rustic elements, casual hair and dress, nature-inspired scenes and venues and a down-to-earth feel. We can’t say we’re not happy with this new approach to planning, as, for us, the perfect wedding is all about comfort and style.

2. Rich Hues and Dark Accents

Out with the mint, and in the blue! When it comes to 2018 wedding, we’re expecting a reduction in the number of blushes and pastels, and more rich, vibrant colour pallets. Rich and dramatic accents in burgundy, black, navy and metallic tints will come to dot colour schemes which, overall, will no longer stick to picture-perfect pallets. We’re likely to see mixed, vibrant colour schemes intended to create a mood matching your venue and ideas, rather than carefully selected tones created with exact colour swatches.

3. Stone Elements

In addition to the metallic trends, we’re seeing more and more stone and mineral accents in décor. It’s not too surprising, as the Boho-Chic trend has seen significant traction, and scattered crystal, marble elements and unique, singular carvings are going to do the centrepieces of modern weddings this year.

4. Industrial Spaces

People love outdoor weddings, but planning for bad weather can be a nuisance, and travelling from the city to a picturesque farm, plain or park can be difficult for your guests. For this reason, more people are choosing an industrially themed venue as their go-to, hip wedding spot. Industrial venues have that open-air feeling, but can also double down as a nightclub for the after-party, and are sheltered from the ever-changing elements! So, you don’t have to worry about rain, snow or unexpected hurricanes!

5. Comfort and Creativity

These days, couples don’t want to spend bundles of money on perfect storybook weddings. It’s more in touch with reality to provide guests with a cozy, comfortable experience while celebrating with friends. In addition to rustic inspired styles, we’re going to see more winter weddings, home receptions and calm, family and friends only style events.

6. Green/Organic Weddings

We’re expecting the trend to nature, foliage and greenery to come a long way this year. Leaves, green decorations and the natural woodland look is an inexpensive, yet beautiful thematic creation for your wedding. This trend is especially useful in back-yard weddings, which we’re seeing more and more of from couples who want a more budget-friendly, personal space for the reception. If you have enough room for a tent and a dance floor, use this trend to your advantage and create a beautiful, lively wedding experience for your guests. explore more organic style weddings in our portfolio.

7. Ornate Tradition

You’d think a tagline which includes the word traditional in it never goes out of style, but we’ve only recently seen a resurgence in traditional wedding décor and ornamental, lavish themes. In certain cultures, traditional weddings are the height of extravagance, and require a planning stage of months and even years. Ornate flower designs, custom décor and aesthetics and creative, traditional attire are back in style, and are being elevated to ever new heights with the inclusion of modern technology and new styles. Get creative with your wedding, and include some tradition in your reception with the help of Flowers Time.

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